Massage Services in your Room

A special retreat for you & your partner



You can give yourself and your loved ones moments of relaxation and rejuvenation, choosing from a range of massage programs and special treatments in your room.
Our experienced therapists will help you choose the program that is most suitable for you.

Close your eyes and leave yourself in the hands of our specialized staff

Security & Measures Covid-19: The safety of our customers and staff is our top priority.

Today, more than ever, we remain committed to following the health guidelines and will continue to implement safeguards to limit the spread of coronavirus to ensure your health and safety.


Designed with attention to detail, from beginning to end, this treatment gradually relaxes and decongests every part of your body, calms and relaxes the mind, offering an incomparable experience of recomposition and rejuvenation of the senses. The perfectly orchestrated movements of this massage lead the senses to a strange journey of calm and relaxation.
body, spirit and soul.


Surrender to a massage rich in antioxidant and healing properties, thanks to the innovative blend of pure oil, enriched with essential oils of your choice. Let yourself be captivated by the feeling of freshness offered by the mixture specially designed for you, which protects and tightens the skin, giving it a healthy glow.



A beneficial massage that contributes to the release of muscle tension. With slow movements and deeper pressure, the therapist focuses on the areas where the tension accumulates the most. The result of these pressures is the relaxation, not only of the superficial muscles but also of the whole of the muscle groups of the deep layers.


A specialized method of massage that is applied to specific tissues of the human body and aims to solve the shortening and increase their flexibility, robustness and endurance limits.

Their physiology is restored and the tissues become more elastic, so that with it
proper exercise to become stronger and more resilient.



The appropriate massage for the detoxification and shielding of the body, which consists of a specialized technique of activating the lymph vessels and improving blood and lymph circulation.

The treatment consists of 45 'massage and 15' rest to strengthen and balance the lymphatic drainage.

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